The potential for a change of government at the Federal level is becoming increasingly likely.

The ALP have already announced significant changes to the tax laws which may significantly impact on your existing financial affairs.

Like any other risk, knowledge and planning are very powerful tools.

It is very important to assess the impact of likely changes and given time to consider what if any changes can be made to your affairs to mitigate or remove any potential adverse effects of these changes.

The changes already announced in the press are well known. There are some further devils in the detail already which should be addressed.

With their consent, we attach a summary of changes from Brown Wright Stein. This advice is of a general nature only.

The main variable is the commencement date which given the commitment not to be back dated, we have assumed it will be the date of the election or 30th June 2019.

Given their commitment on grandfathering for the purposes of negative gearing, the focus will be whether negative gearing is a viable investment strategy for future acquisitions without the tax benefit.

In relation to the denial on refund of excess franking credits, the main focus for clients is the potential re organisation of investments going forward and the potential sale of assets if such sale is already contemplated in the near term.

We will be happy to discuss any of the issues which are relevant to you.

Preparing for a Labor Government-February 2019 _ Brown Wright Stein

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