Welcome to Quickfee – a way to make payments easier!


To assist you, we are pleased to offer the professional funding services of Quickfee, a listed company with a substantial loan book.

Using Quickfee has many benefits for you including

  • Keeping working capital in the business for other purposes
  • Ease your cashflow
  • Convenient monthly instalments
  • Tax deductible credit charges
  • Online acceptance

Quickfee offers the following payment options:

  • Monthly instalments by EFT over (3,6,9,12) months, interest rate approximately 1% per month.
  • Monthly instalments by credit card over (3,6,9,12) months, approximately 1.5% per month plus upfront 1.5% surcharge.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer for full amount
  • Payment by Credit Card (1.5% surcharge)
  • A mixture of all the above

Simply click on the ‘Pay Invoice’ button below which will take you to a secure online payment site. Simply add your invoice number and invoice amount and the above payment options will be offered.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding Quickfee.


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